Monday, August 26, 2013

Rise Walkthrough

Below is a list of the moves attributed to the various character classes in the online game Rise. You can find a more complete walkthrough of the game here. You can also play the game here, which would make a bit of sense if you're looking at this page, no?


  • Slash - A basic attack, and the one you'll use most often. Slash has normal accuracy.
  • Headbutt - Half the strength of Slash, Headbutt also cuts the opponent's next attack in half if it hits. Not that useful.
  • Dodge - Increases your rate of evasion by one third for three turns. Very helpful. Costs three mana.
  • Kick - Essentially the same as Headbutt in that it cuts the foe's next attack in half, but it's less accurate and deals normal damage. Only useful if your Dexterity is high, in which case it can almost replace Slash.
  • Stab - A double-damage attack with the lowest accuracy of any strike. Combine this with a Rage Potion for a potentially devastating strike. Again, best used if you have a high Dexterity score.


  • Slash - The basic attack rehashed.
  • Smoke - Increases your evasion for four turns. An absolute necessity the further up the tower you travel. Costs four mana.
  • Steal - Nab a small amount of gold from an enemy. Not that useful, given how imperative it is that your Thief not take damage.
  • Backstab - Increases damage at the sacrifice of accuracy. Once your Dexterity is high enough this is a good replacement for Slash, and can still be useful early on.
  • Kick - Much more useful for the Thief than the Warrior. Decreases the enemy's damage while doing normal attack damage in return.
  • Stab - Bypasses armor to do damage. Extremely effective with a high Dexterity score.


  • Fu-shun - A powerful but unwieldy attack which hits very hard… or may not hit at all. Only bother using it if you have a high Dexterity score.
  • Dodge - Increases evasion for three turns. Not bad, and worth using often, considering the amount of mana Monks start with. Costs three mana to use.
  • Headbutt - Half normal damage in exchange for halving the foe's next attack. Not great.
  • Ko-shun - A Dexterity-based move which bypasses some of the foe's armor. Probably your best choice for a standard attack.
  • Kick - Similar to Headbutt, though it sacrifices accuracy for damage. Still not amazing, though a decent choice if your Dexterity is high.
  • Charge - Hold back one move, do double damage the next. Basically a free Rage Potion, though you have to expend a turn in exchange for unlimited use. A solid enough choice if your HP is high and you can stall for one turn.


  • Smite - A basic attack. Smite draws on Spirit, and is the Priest's go-to for most battles.
  • Heal - A restorative move with similar effects to Health Potions, and a necessity for the HP-starved Priest until you can buy Large Health Potions in bulk. Costs three mana to use.
  • Faith - Blocks all damage from the next attack and adds a small attack bonus onto your next strike. Good for stalling if your foe is near death. Costs two mana to use.
  • Slash - A basic physical attack. The Priest is not a Strength-based character, so Smite is by far the better choice.
  • Weaken - A Spirit-based blast which hurts and weakens the enemy. Powerful and useful, but expensive. Costs eight mana to use.
  • Dodge - Increases the Priest's evasion for three turns. Very handy. Costs three mana to use.


  • Slash - Basic attack. You know the drill.
  • Heal - A restorative move. Very useful. Costs three mana to use.
  • Block - Negates the damage of the next attack. Thereafter your Paladin receives a boost to attack damage. Very useful in prolonged fights. Costs one mana to use.
  • Stab - A hard-hitting attack with poor accuracy. Not that great, as your Paladin probably won't have a high Dexterity by the end of the game.
  • Takedown - Very powerful, but will miss most of the time. A risky gambit at best, though well-paired with a Rage Potion.
  • Bash - Random damage. Could be good, could be bad. Usually more useful than it sounds, and worth using over, say, Slash.


  • Slash - Put that sword to good use. Basic damage.
  • Aegis - Blocks the enemy's next attack while adding extra damage to the Knight's next strike. A great move, though it forces the Knight to utilize his feeble mana store. Costs one mana to use.
  • Headbutt - A weaker attack that cuts down on the enemy's next strike. Largely useless.
  • Roar - Adds kick to the Knight's next three attacks. Very useful, but, again, eats up what little mana the Knight has. Costs two mana to use.
  • Strike - A normal hit that bypasses some of the enemy's armor. Strike utilizes Dexterity, so if you're lucky enough to find some Fire Sprites you'll make great use of this move.
  • Bash - Deals random damage, which, like with the Paladin, is actually quite useful most of the time.


  • Slash - Dice and slice. Nothing special.
  • Roar - Adds extra damage to the Barbarian's next three attacks. Quite useful, though difficult to utilize with low starting mana.
  • Headbutt - Weaker attack which reduces the enemy's attack strength. Not very useful.
  • Stab - A low-accuracy move that ignores armor. Decent with starting Dexterity, better as your stats increase.
  • Strike - A Dexterity-based attack. Change between it and Slash based on your stats. This is your best attack at the beginning, and may remain as such throughout.
  • Charge - Basically a free Rage Potion. Helpful, but Roar is better.


  • Shoot - A basic attack, similar to Slash.
  • Longshot - A powerful attack that has a significant chain of missing. With a high Dexterity this can help you power through the tower.
  • Net - A damaging attack that also lowers their attack power. Not bad, but expensive. Costs six mana to use.
  • Firstaid - The Ranger's alternative to Heal, restoring 30 percent of the character's power. Costs two mana to use.
  • Dodge - Increases the Ranger's evasion for three turns. Quite useful given the Ranger's low health. Costs three mana to use.
  • Sidearm - An attack that increases in power each time you use it. Not as useful as it sounds, since it eats up your mana, though it's a great choice for battling the final boss. Costs two mana to use.


  • Slash - A basic attack. In this guy's hands it won't be much use at all, though with some Dexterity it can finish off any enemies that don't fall to your Wizard's spells.
  • Firebolt - Draws on Spirit to do damage. Quite useful. Costs four mana to use.
  • Firebreath - A more powerful, but less economical, version of Firebolt. Costs six mana to use.
  • Fireball - The last step up in the fire spells. Costs ten mana to use.
  • Weaken - Does Spirit damage and weakens the enemy. Good for cutting down powerful offensive attackers that might otherwise chew up the Wizard. Costs eight mana.
  • Charge - The Wizard's next move will do double damage. Very helpful with your more powerful spells - but only advisable if your Wizard has enough HP to withstand any incoming attacks.


  • Slash - Basic attack, powered by Dexterity. Not that helpful.
  • Firebolt - Magical strike with some kick. Costs four mana to use.
  • Firebreath - A more powerful version of Firebolt. Costs six mana to use.
  • Firstaid - Heals 30 percent of the Sorceress' HP. Extremely useful for surviving the dungeon. Costs two mana to use.
  • Dodge - Increases the Sorceress' evasion for three turns. Costs three mana.
  • Sidearm - A Dexterity-based attack that increases in damage each time it is used in a battle. It's more useful to Sorceress' than Rangers since they have more mana, but still not advisable to use in excess. Costs two mana to use.


  • Slash - Your run-of-the-mill attack. It probably won't get much use.
  • Smoke - Increases the Ninja's evasiveness for four turns. Fantastic for improved survivability, and is a more viable option for the Ninja than the Thief. Costs five mana to use.
  • Fu-shun - An all-or-nothing attack. Later on, when your Dexterity score is higher, you may find this useful. Initially, not so much.
  • Backstab - A slight chance to miss with the tradeoff of more damage and weakening the enemy. This will be your go-to move for most of the session.
  • Kick - Weakens the foe, but with the possibility of missing. Decent, but not amazing.
  • Throw - A strong attack with a high cost. If you manage to increase your mana a few times, Throw will take you throughout the tower with ease.