Friday, June 21, 2013

One Step Behind Walkthrough

Intrigue! Mystery! A bunch of dead people! All this and more in One Step Behind, a fun little point-and-click thriller that puts you in the shoes of a common criminal with a not-so-common goal. You can play the game here - and when you get stuck, you can find tips for completing One Step Behind below.

  • Click the locker several times to knock the Bucket onto the ground
  • Check the Bucket for a Screwdriver
  • Click and drag the Screwdriver to the bracket on the pipe
  • Click the pipe to get away from the wall
  • Grab Red's Handcuffs off of the floor
  • Click the Handcuffs twice to find the Hairpin
  • Use the Hairpin on the Handcuffs to free yourself

  • Grab the Ladder on the right side of the screen
  • Check the wall to the left of the door twice to climb up and over it
  • Grab the Crowbar off of the ground
  • Click on the gate to return to the street
  • Use the Crowbar on the padlock locking the door to your left
  • Return to the alley
  • Use the Ladder on the scaffolding and climb up
  • Roll over to the lamp after you've been tied up to turn it on
  • Pick up the Office Key this reveals
  • Use the Office Key on the Middle Drawer
  • Open the Middle Drawer to find a Letter Opener
  • Use the Letter Opener on the Duct Tape in your inventory
  • Leave the apartment via the door

  • Enter the back alley
  • Drop the Letter Opener in the trash bin
  • Return to the front of the club and go inside
  • Enter the doorway to your left
  • Talk to the man named Bones, standing at a table
  • Ask Bones about the job he's done
  • Ask Bones about the psycho
  • Ask Bones what Paul looks like
  • Return to the previous room and click on the guy with the blue jacket to ID him as Paul
  • Leave the club and reenter the alley
  • Drop the Letter Opener you left in the bin through the open window in the back of the club
  • Reenter the club and grab the Letter Opener from the men's room
  • Use the Letter Opener on Paul to slip it into his pocket
  • Enter the back room where you talked to Bones previously
  • Talk to the Bouncer and tell him there's a man with a knife

  • Check the window and listen to the conversation
  • Check the window again to enter the house
  • Go through the door to your left
  • Grab the Suitcase beside the woman
  • Check the woman a second time once you have the Suitcase to find Car Keys
  • Leave through the door behind you