Saturday, June 8, 2013

Don't Escape Walkthrough

Don't Escape is a fun little game. In it you take control of a man who's desperately searching for a way to prevent his lycanthropy from claiming any more lives, and he's shut himself away in a hut in an attempt to save people from his bestial wrath. Problem is, a simple hut can only do so much to hold back a feral predator…

This little guide covers the steps needed to achieve the 'best' ending of Don't Escape. It's not that long a game, and fun to play without direction, so I advise you to try it out on your own at least a few times. You can play it here.

Tired of bad endings? Time for the guide. Check it out below.

Gathering Items
  • FRONT DOOR: Grab the rope hanging beside the shelf.
  • OUTDOORS: Grab the axe from the stump, the heap of wood logs sitting in front of the stump, and the mushroom growing beside the wooden post in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Before you go back inside, check the underside of the hay roof of the cottage for a chain.
  • TABLE WALL: Grab the herb from the hook. Leave the root on the barrels - it's no help.
  • WINDOW WALL: Check the shirt hanging on the wall for a key. Look under the bed for a small key. Open the third drawer of the dresser to find a tinderbox.
  • FIREPLACE WALL: Grab the glass bottle from the side table. Then click on the ground at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to…
  • TRAPDOOR: Open it up. Inside is spice and a piece of meat.

Using Items
  • FRONT DOOR: Lock the door with the key. Click the shelving unit's left side to slide it in front of the door.
  • TABLE WALL: Use the axe on the table.  You'll reduce it to planks. Open the chest with the small key to find a hammer and nails.
  • WINDOW WALL: Close and lock the window shutters. Use the planks on the window and the hammer and nails on the planks.
  • FIREPLACE WALL: Use the wood logs on the fireplace, and set them on fire with the tinderbox. Drop the herb, mushroom and spice into the pot over the fire. Use the glass bottle on the pot to get weakening potion. Use the potion on the piece of meat.
  • TABLE WALL: Hang the piece of meat on the hook.
  • ANYWHERE: Use the rope and the chain on yourself.


What happens next depends on your level of preparedness. If you managed to complete all of the above (not necessarily in that order), you'll be successful in restraining the werewolf. Fail to do so and it will break free and go on a rampage. The results of the rampage vary depending on how long it took for the werewolf to break free - and if you fail to restrain it in any way, well… you'll see. Bad stuff.