Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Collapse It 2 Walkthrough

(Note: Walkthrough is still underway. I should have it done by tomorrow. Friday tops. Play the game in the meantime.)

Level 1

Pretty obvious. Follow the tutorial.

Level 2

Place dynamite on the three support posts and detonate them all.

Level 3

Another tutorial stage.

Level 4

Set the three sticks of dynamite on the three barrels under the right side of the structure. The collapsing roof will kill all three victims.

Level 5

Place dynamite on the rooftop of the right structure and the other two on the supports of the right structure.

Level 6

Place one rocket overtop each of the targets and let them fly.

Level 7

Place dynamite all the way up the central tower, one on each block. Four sticks will do.

Level 8

Put one stick of dynamite on the support under the block, above the zombie. The other goes on the support under the stone on the right side.

Level 9

Target the two platforms, one rocket in the centre of each. Bombs away!

Level 10

Set dynamite on two of the lower pillars: one on the centre pillar, the other on the right pillar. Drop the final bomb on the uncovered girl's head. Ow.

Level 11

Launch fireworks at the two guys standing on the concrete poles. They'll fall onto the remaining crowd below.

Level 12

Place two sticks of dynamite on the left edge of the first and third bricks in the tower on the left. Put the last on the wooden platform holding up the larger brick above the zombie.

Level 13

Put the stick of dynamite on the bottom-right barrel. Drop the two bombs onto the heads of the nobles on the platform. The zombies will be safe from the blasts.

Level 14

Place at least four sticks of dynamite on the right side of the stack of logs. You will launch at least one of them off of the pile and into the targets on the left.

Level 15

Place the acid bombs on the pillars beside the humans. Stay away from the werewolves.

Level 16

Put the single stick of dynamite at the top of the middle of three wooden poles. Putting it anywhere else will probably result in a failure.

Level 17

Position the bomb so it's aimed between the two zombies, a bit closer to the left than to the right. It will launch the old woman into the two remaining targets far below.

Level 18

Aim the rockets at the foreheads of the monsters. They'll soar safely over the good guys and hit the actual targets instead.

Level 19

Place dynamite a little to the side of each of the guys on the top platform. They'll be launched onto the targets below.

Level 20

Drop bombs slightly to the right and the left of the two victims on the top of the slopes. Properly placed they'll bean the targets and roll down the hill to the remaining two guys.

Level 21

Set the dynamite on the wooden barriers between two of the outer sets of targets, preferably on one of the horizontal planks. With a little bit of physics luck the whole structure will collapse under its own weight.

Level 22

Place the dynamite on the right side of the crate in the top-left corner of the map - but not too far right! A slight miscalculation will send the ball next to the dynamite raining down onto the zombie rather than your target.

Level 23

Place the dynamite on the left side of the barrels and aim the firework at the heads of the victims on the far left. The dynamite will launch the guy in the way into the air, out of the way of the firework.

Level 24

Place one stick of dynamite on one of the two stone balls and set it off. Despite the underwhelming results, you'll get three stars.

Level 25

Place dynamite between the boxes of the second-top row. These will knock the targets atop these boxes down onto the lower victims. Drop your sole bomb onto the head of the woman on top of the box pyramid.

Level 26

Place the two acid bombs directly under the feet of the targets in the open. These bombs must be as close to their feet as possible to score maximum points. Target the wooden platform holding up the barrels to crush the last two guys.

Level 27

Use one stick of dynamite and one of the bombs on the two wooden platforms in this area. Drop one more bomb on the head of one of the guys on the central stone platform, though do it so it's close enough to send the second guy sprawling as well. These two will drop on the bottom two targets and score you enough points for three stars. Don't use the third bomb or you won't score enough points.

Level 28

Place acid bombs at the feet of the two men, safely away from the monster. Position missile strikes on the platform just above the two women on the ground. Properly positioned these will knock off chunks of stone that will crush your remaining targets.

Level 29

Attach dynamite to the right-most triangle. Properly affixed it will launch a shard of stone at the head of the middle target. Launch a rocket at the left-most triangle's tip to hit the third target.

Level 30

Target the people in the open with bombs from above. Hit the platform in the top-left corner of the screen with a bomb, then drop another one between the remaining two logs. Last, plant the bomb with the fuse beside the stack of logs forming a wall around the man in the enclosure.

Level 31

Plant dynamite on the two wooden platforms on either side of the monster, both of which support people. Make sure the dynamite is roughly positioned in the centre of the platform. That done, aim your bomb at the left side of the guy on the top-most platform. With a bit of luck, he'll fall onto the right-most guy below as he dies.

Level 32

Use acid bombs on the two guys standing atop the stone platform. In virtually the same spots, send down a pair of bombs. They'll chew through the stone and rain death upon the guys below.

Level 33

Drop your solitary bomb on the right tip of the upper platform. It will do the rest - though you may have to try it a few times.

Level 34