Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NothingElse Walkthrough

A short indie horror game with a strong message about… something… NothingElse doesn't pose too much of a threat to cerebral players. Nevertheless, there are a few small stumbling spots where you might get stuck. This article covers the game from beginning to end. (You might also want to start by, you know, downloading Nothing Else.)
  • Walk to the door in the BEDROOM and hit Z to open it. Leave the BEDROOM.
  • Walk down the HALLWAY.
  • Check the right cabinet under the TV in HALL for a Key. Check the table beside the left door for a note that reads 'Type 28 to unlock the chest'.
  • Return to the HALLWAY and enter the left door with the Key.
  • You're now in the ANTRY. Approach the chest and interact with it.
  • Each time you hit a number on the chest's control panel you'll add the number to the previous number. Keep selecting numbers until the total showing on the screen is 28. (For example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 will get you to 28.) Interact with the chest once it's open to get the Book.
  • Return to your BEDROOM and interact with the bed. Bad stuff will happen.
  • You're now in THE OTHER SIDE. Approach the trap door, open it up, and fall through to OPPOSITE ROOM.
  • Walk through the right door. Head through the next room, MIRROR, to the right.
  • Beyond MIRROR is ONE WAY. Go up the stairs to DILEMMA.
  • To the left of DILEMMA is a room with creepy dolls on a shelf. To the right is a mannequin wearing a dress with buttons you can undo. Undo the first, third, fourth, fifth and last buttons (the same order as the eyes on the dolls) to hear a noise upstairs.
  • Return to DILEMMA and go up the stairs to LAST CORPOREAL FLOOR. Up here you'll find a Pair of Gloves on the left wall.
  • Descend to ONE WAY and go right to GARBAGE. Now that you have the gloves you can open the bag of garbage. Inside is a Key.
  • Take the key to the strongbox on LAST CORPOREAL FLOOR. Open up the strongbox and you'll find a Ladder inside.
  • Return to OPPOSITE ROOM and use the ladder on the left wall. Climb up.
  • You're now on THE BRIDGE. Run through each of the areas ahead without stopping. You'll be safe once you find a note on the ground in TRUTH. Read it and continue left.
  • Enter the grate in GET-OUT before you get caught by your pursuer.
  • Left of PASSAGE INSIDE is THE TWO OF THEM. Read the plaque.
  • Check the furnace in, well, FURNACE. Click the pictures in this order: the globe, the group of three, the eye, the flower, the heart. This will open the furnace and get you a Screwdriver.
  • Return to GET-OUT and continue left to EXIT. The screwdriver will let you open the gate beyond.
  • Run left to THE LADDER. Climb the ladder to OUTLET VALVE and interact with said valve. It will turn on a torch just above your head. Turn it off again and keep climbing.
  • The creature that's been stalking you will appear in LONG FAREWELL. Climb back down to OUTLET VALVE and turn the valve on again. This will get rid of the creature when it moves into range.
  • Climb to the top of the ladder and head right to PERSONAL HELL. Enter the house.
  • Walk to the right, past the figures, and keep opening doors until the ending sequence cuts in. Enjoy!