Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BackDoor: Door 1 Walkthrough

A fun, enigmatic little game that promises to be more beyond what it is, BackDoor: Door 1 poses a few puzzles for its players. This walkthrough will guide you past the problem areas, step-by-step, without spoiling anything major. (Also? Play the game! It's fun.)

  • Answer the phone. Use Z to investigate.
  • Grab the Pencil from the desk. (If you want, you can doodle on the picture in the top-left corner of the room. Press X to use it, as well as any other items.)
  • Use the Pencil on the box at the foot of the bed to find a Glass Bulb.
  • Check the bookcase. You'll find a Diagram.
  • Cycle through your items with C and check the Diagram. It indicates a part of the room with an X.
  • Stand on the bottom-right corner of the rug and investigate it to find the Lightbulb Base.
  • Press Space to go to the menu screen. Combine the Glass Bulb and the Lightbulb Base. Voila! Lightbulb.
  • Use the Lightbulb on the lamp socket at the head of the bed. Turn the light on to open up an enclosure. Inside is a Key.
  • Use the Key on the door to leave the room. 
  • Push the box out of the way and head left to the stairs.
  • (If you feel like it, doodle on the picture of the dog with the Pencil.)

Main Floor
  • Enjoy a weird freak-out moment.
  • Move behind the sofa and push it back to find a Coin on the ground. Continue past here to find a Piece of Paper.
  • Use the Paper on the safe to open it up. Inside is a Key.
  • Check the trashcan in the kitchen to find another Key.
  • Go back upstairs.
  • (Should the urge to deface pictures again arise, doodle on the picture by the front door.)

  • Use the Key from the trashcan on the locked door. 

  • Check the bathtub for a Towel.
  • Head back downstairs.

Main Floor 
  • Use the Towel on the oven in the kitchen. You'll pull out a Box Cutter.
  • Use the Box Cutter on the box directly south of the safe on the right side of the room. Inside is a TV Remote. You can use it to turn the TV on and off at a distance… or you can combine it with the Coin to get the Batteries.
  • Use the Batteries on the thermostat by the front door.
  • Turn the thermostat off.
  • Push the safe out of the way of the door. But before you go through…

  • Push the shelf on top of the large crack in the floor. Return to the Main Floor and turn the thermostat on again. The shelf will crash down on the table. Grab the Book off of the floor. 

  • Enter the room you just unlocked.
  • Check the crates. Each contains a different kind of ingredient. Now check the Book. It will provide clues.
  • Turn on all of the lights except the one beside the stairs.
  • Insert the Book into the slot beside the door.

Furnace Room?

  • Move the boxes out of your way as you head towards the door in the bottom-left of the room. Walk down the long hallway beyond to the ending. Yay!