Friday, June 21, 2013

Rolling Ghosts Walkthrough

Rolling ghosts? Rolling ghosts. The purple blobs are up to no good, and you need to eradicate them while preserving the gentle, fun-loving blobs they've killed. Find out how below. (Also, play the game here.)

Level 1

Click the two ghosts to turn them back into blobs. Easy.

Level 2

Click the larger ghost, then the smaller, to prevent the second from falling into the gap in the floor.

Level 3

Click the ghosts in this order: rectangular, right circular ghost, left circular ghost.

Level 4

Start with the triangular ghost. Bring in the circular ghost after the triangle has become a ramp. The rectangular ghost comes last.

Level 5

Drop the circular ghost onto the purple blob to force it into the pit. As the circular blob is rolling up to the right, bring the rectangular ghost back to the corporeal world to stop it from rolling down to the left.

Level 6

Materialize the wedge-shaped ghost and the larger rectangle. Bring in the smaller rectangle last.

Level 7

Rectangle first, circle second. The wind below the rectangle will keep it suspended, so don't worry about it falling.

Level 8

Resurrect the wedge- and triangle-shaped ghosts start. Bring the circle back next; the previous two will keep it from rolling into a pit. Bring back the rectangular ghost last.

Level 9

Reconstitute the two squares, then the triangle. The right square will nudge the purple blob off of its perch.

Level 10

Bring back the lower circular ghost to start. As it's rolling past the square ghost, bring the square ghost back. Triangle is third, the remaining circle is fourth.

Level 11

Bring the two circles back to life, then the rectangle. The circles will roll the rectangle into the purple blob.

Level 12

Resurrect the two triangles at the bottom, and, once they're back, the upper-left triangle. Bring back the large rectangle next. Last, bring back the final triangle.

Level 13

Bring the ghosts back in this order: wedge, larger circle, smaller circle. Perform all three resurrections in short order and the larger circle will push the smaller circle into the purple blob and launch it off of the stage.

Level 14

Click on the largest circle in the top-right corner first. Once it's settled on the right side of the screen, click the smaller circle under the rectangle. Next comes the rectangle itself. As it's sliding to the left, click the last circle and jam up everything before the blobs can fall into the pit in the middle.

Level 15

Click the circle in the top-left corner first. The other two can be brought back afterward.

Level 16

Click the rectangle first, the left square second, the right square third. Do all this quickly to create a bridge for the purple blob to roll over and off to its demise.

Level 17

Click on the circle. It will sweep left and knock the purple blob off of its perch. Click on the wedge while that's happening and it will help clog the hole in the middle, saving your two blobs.

Level 18

Click on the bottom and top circles in that order. Once they're on top of each other, click on the rectangle. It should, if your timing was good, drop down onto the circles and slide to a stop before it falls into the pit.

Level 19

Let the purple blob roll into the midst of the two ghosts. Click on the circle as the purple blob rolls by; this will push your blob to the left and the purple blob to its doom. Click the second ghost once your blob is far enough to the left.

Level 20

Click on the larger circle to bring it to life. Wait for it to roll to the slight hill in the left, then resurrect the blob above it. Wait for the larger circle to get wedged above the pit in the middle of the stage. Bring back the final ghost and it will knock the purple blob off of its platform without sacrificing its own life.

Level 21

Resurrect the rectangular blob, then bring back the circle in the top-left corner of the screen. Wait for the rectangle to slide down and nudge the purple blob into the pit to the left. Once the purple blob's on the move, bring back the final circle. It will stop the rectangle from following the purple blob.

Level 22

Bring the left circle to life. It will roll under the rectangular ghost. Once the circle is just slightly under the rectangle's left side, bring the rectangle to life. It will fall under the ghost to the right. Resurrect your final ghost to knock the purple blob out of the picture.

Level 23

Resurrect the bottom rectangle and wait for it to take full form. That done, bring back the circle and the large block in quick succession. Properly timed, the circle will be launched by the rectangular platform and hit the purple blob to the right.

Level 24

Resurrect the smaller circle. As it's rolling towards the wind, resurrect the larger circle. You'll get rid of the purple blob and block any potential holes.

Level 25

Resurrect the larger circle on the left. As it's falling, resurrect the rectangle. The two together will create a slope. Bring back the second circle and it will wipe out the purple blob.

Level 26

Revive your ghosts in this order, letting them fall to a stop each time: bottom-most rectangle, middle rectangle, left and right rectangles, largest rectangle.

Level 27

Resurrect the larger circle, then the smaller. Wait for the two to roll underneath the top-most rectangle, then bring the rectangle back to life. The whole assemblage will clumsily roll to the left. Once they're clear, bring back the largest ghost.

Level 28

Bring back the smaller circle in the top-left corner. Hover your cursor over the larger circle. Once the smaller circle is about to roll under the larger, resurrect the larger. With good timing it will roll to the left, wedge itself in the hole, and knock the purple blob off the stage. Bring back the final ghost in the aftermath.

Level 29

Resurrect the left-most wedge and the other two circles. Wait for everything to settle into place. All that done, resurrect the last wedge.

Level 30

Last one. Resurrect the circle. It will knock the purple blob off of its platform and down into the wind. As the orange circle is rolling to the right, bring back the wedge. You need to time this so the wedge is repositioned into a ramp. The wind will then blow the purple blob up the ramp and off of the map. You may need to redo this one a few times to get it right.