Thursday, June 6, 2013

Swarm Defender Walkthrough

A sci-fi tower defence game with a love of micro-managing your way to success, Swarm Defender puts you on a well-worn path: defend your base from aliens. It's fun, it's easy to understand, and it will keep you on your toes. This walkthrough will help you waste everything that dares approach your base, and do so with five stars to spare at the end of the level. (Also? You might wanna play it here.)

Level 1

Grunts, Grunts, Grunts. They're the first unit you can buy, and they're all you need. Set up four Grunts on the first bend in the course for maximum coverage, then upgrade them as you get more money. For the most part straight damage will do fine on your Grunts, though upgrading their Penetrator damage is also wise for the sparse number of armoured units that will wander through.

Level 2

Grunts will again save the day on this level. Set up five, preferably six, on the central island where the track bends. Fully-upgraded Grunts can wipe out anything and everything.

Level 3

This level's a bit trickier. You can still use Grunts, but they need a little bit of heavier backup to handle the mass number of enemies. An upgraded Boomer or Missile Turret will do nicely. Make sure you set all of your troops at the intersection of the two paths through the area to make the most of area attacks from your heavier tower.

Level 4

Most of this level is the same straightforward monsters streaming in. That said, there's a larger boss monster near the end that will give a standard complement of Grunts some trouble, as they won't be able to bring it down before it can slip by. Replace the Grunts with Sharpshooters capable of hitting targets that are much further away, and upgrade the seven or eight Sharpshooters you deploy to maximum efficiency. These guys won't be quick enough to take out the smaller, grouped enemies, so include a Flamethrower on one of the stage's corners to provide quicker bursts of fire. If you really don't like Sharpshooters, throw in several Waste Spewers to slow the boss down.

Level 5

Pretty standard stuff, just with a different skin. For variety I used three Plasma Cannons and a Flaemthrower; they managed to oust every enemy that came wandering through just fine. As ever, deploy on the corner in the road rather than the straightaway.

Level 6

Grunts are back! This straight alley makes it look like you have to slow enemies down, but a line of Grunts will do the trick instead. Set up four to start and upgrade them to full as quickly as possible. Keep adding them in twos as you get more and more money. This is the first map to have flying enemies; keep this in mind for future battles.

Level 7

You're facing a lot of heavy-duty enemies here that can split into a group of smaller enemies once defeated. Flak Cannons set up at the intersection can handle most of them. Given the high price of upgrading Flak Cannons, setting up a Bank or two isn't a bad idea.

Level 8

There are a ton of enemies coming through this two-bend level, and in the end you'll be facing a massive boss. Once again, Flak Cannons will save the day. Set up nine fully-upgraded Cannons on the two bends and they'll be more than capable of wiping out everything that tries to get through, large or small.

Level 9

Here's a tricky level. Three intersections of enemies are going to converge onto one path headed towards your Core, and using a single tower type won't do the job. Set up two short range ground-pounding towers (Flamethrowers are great) on either side of the path leading to the Core, right at the intersection. Once they're up and running, build a few Grunts beside them to handle any fliers that come through. Last, set up two Waste Spewers, one to the north of the intersection and one to the south, to slow down any foes that try to whiz by your Flamethrowers. Tada!

Level 10

This level starts out annoying because there are flyers right off the bat. It's best to choose towers which are good against flyers and ground-pounders, and Flak Cannons should be your weapons of choice. Set up four fully-upgraded Flak Cannons on the central island, at the top-left corner, and you'll be able to handle everything that flits through.

Level 11

More flak? More flak. Two paths converge into one in this level, and though you'll start off facing some fliers you're largely up against heavily-armoured foes. Set up Flak Cannons in sets of two, starting at the intersection and working your way down, upgrading each set as you go along. Four sets of two will keep enemies away from the Core.

Level 12

Flaaaaak! There are so many enemies on this level that you'd be hard pressed to choose anything else. Set up a line of Flak Cannons along the northern-most island. A Waste Spewer positioned near the spawn point is also wise, as there's a boss coming through during the final wave that will take a lot of punishment before dying.

Level 13

Your job just got a whole lot tougher. The aliens on this planet are extremely resistant to damage, and they have a straight track to the Core to boot. Start by setting up a Waste Spewer, a Plasma Cannon, and a Flak Cannon. Upgrade the latter two towers to maximum, and continue to build them in rotation each time you earn up enough money. These, in conjunction with the Spewer, will slow down and eliminate every enemy that comes near the Core. Build closer to the Core rather than far away - you want to get in extra shots should any aliens get through your defences and make it to the base.

Level 14

This level's weird. The enemies have to go through a loop before they can reach the Core, giving you lots of time to bring them down. Set up Flak Cannons on three of the four corners at the intersection, and set up something to slow them down (preferably a Waste Spewer) on the fourth. Line the rest of the area with long-range attackers who can strike everything as it loops, such as Sharpshooters. You shouldn't have too much trouble bringing down the aliens.

Level 15

Plasma Cannons are the order of the day here. Set up two Plasma Cannons at the southern intersection, along with a single Waste Spewer between the two. Add and upgrade more Plasma Cannons as you get more cash. Nine on both sides will eliminate the ridiculous amounts of enemies that try to plow through.

Level 16

This is it! Last level! Let's do it! The insane number of enemies that come through this level necessitate a ton of firepower, and the backbone of your strength should be either Plasma Cannons or Flak Cannons in the middle, backed up by an ever-growing line of Waste Spewers. The Spewers will slow everything down while your interior Cannons chew away at your foes. This is also a good time to use heavy, long range weapons, such as Artillery, to mash away at the line of beasties as they move along every inch of the level. The Hivelord that shows up during the final wave requires a monstrous amount of firepower to kill, so use up as much of your money (and you'll get a ton of it) as you can on weapons and upgrades.

Yayyy! All levels complete. Finishing off the game will unlock Infinity, a special mode which allows you to access three extra challenges in the levels you've already completed. Put your tactical genius to the test!